The 12 Best Fancy Restaurants in Phoenix

In the heart of Arizona, just a stone’s throw away from the scorching Sonoran desert lies the vibrant city of Phoenix. Whether you’re looking for a rugged outdoor experience or want to indulge in some of the finest dining options in the Southwest, Phoenix has something for everyone.

And when it comes to fine dining, this city truly has no equal. From elegant French restaurants and upscale Italian bistros to local favorites like Southwestern tacos and fried green chilies, there is an endless variety of dishes to savor here.

For foodies looking to taste the best that Phoenix has to offer, make sure to head to one of its trendy downtown eateries or historical districts for an unforgettable culinary adventure.

Here, you’ll find everything from delicious Indian curries and Thai noodles to authentic paella and freshly caught seafood dishes. No matter what kind of culinary experience you’re after, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to find it in this bustling Southwestern hub.

Fancy Restaurants in Phoenix

Steak 44

Steak 44 is widely known to be one of the best fine dining destinations in Phoenix. With its elegant decor, exquisite service, and exquisite cuisine, this upscale restaurant has become a staple for local foodies and tourists alike.

The menu features a wide variety of premium steaks and hefty cuts of seafood, all prepared using only the finest ingredients available. And with its expertly trained chefs and experienced sommelier, Steak 44 is able to provide an unforgettable culinary experience for all who visit.

The Capital Grille

When it comes to fancy restaurants, there are few places that can compete with the Capital Grille in Phoenix. This world-class restaurant is known for its exquisite food, elegant atmosphere, and impeccable service.

And with an extensive wine list to complement every dish, it’s easy to see why the Capital Grille is considered one of the top restaurants in the city.

Whether you’re out on a special occasion or just want to treat yourself, this sophisticated spot is sure to delight even the most discerning palates.

Binkley’s Restaurant

If you are looking for the ideal place to enjoy a special night out in Phoenix, Binkley’s Restaurant quickly comes to mind. With its elegant, upscale atmosphere and expertly crafted dishes, Binkley’s truly delivers an exceptional dining experience.

The restaurant features fresh ingredients, innovative recipes, and expertly trained chefs who have created a collection of mouthwatering dishes that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

And with exquisite wines and carefully selected cocktails on offer too, there is truly something for everyone at this top-rated restaurant in Phoenix.

So if you are looking for a luxurious eating experience like no other, look no further than Binkley’s Restaurant – the best fancy restaurant in the city!

Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse

As anyone who has been to Phoenix will surely attest, Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse is one of the city’s finest and most popular restaurants. With its sophisticated atmosphere, high-quality food, and all-you-can-eat service, this restaurant is truly a feast for the senses.

The restaurant features an extensive menu of traditional Brazilian dishes made with only the freshest ingredients. From succulent steak to spicy chicken hearts, there is something to satisfy every palate here.

And no matter how much you eat, you are never charged extra – all-you-can-eat really means all you can eat. Whether you’re looking for an elegant night out or just a great meal, Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse is definitely a must-try in Phoenix.

Different Pointe of View

For food lovers looking for an upscale dining experience in Phoenix, Different Pointe of View is one of the best options. This elegant restaurant features an exquisite menu with offerings such as seared scallops, perfectly cooked filet mignon, and decadent chocolate desserts.

What really sets Different Pointe of View apart, though, is its attention to detail and commitment to quality. The chefs work closely with local farmers and artisan food makers to source only the freshest ingredients, and every dish on the menu is prepared meticulously by hand.

Whether you are looking for a romantic dinner for two or a large group celebration, Different Pointe of View is an excellent choice for an upscale night out in Phoenix.


Durant’s is a highly revered restaurant in Phoenix that has been delighting patrons with its delicious cuisine for decades. Known for its first-rate service and elegant atmosphere, this establishment has become an institution in the city, attracting foodies from all over.

Whether you are craving classic steakhouse fare or adventurous dishes inspired by world cuisines, Durant’s is sure to impress with its stunning menu offerings.

And if you are looking for the ultimate dining experience, be sure to request one of their coveted window tables, which overlooks Old Town Scottsdale – the perfect view while enjoying a sumptuous meal at one of Phoenix’s top restaurants.

With truly one-of-a-kind dishes and a dedication to excellence and great customer service, it is no wonder that Durant’s is consistently lauded as being among the best fancy restaurants in Phoenix.

Ocean Prime

Ocean Prime has an upscale feel with a fresh twist on local cuisine. The menu is extensive and varied, including sushi, seafood, steak, and much more. There are several different dining areas including an intimate dining room for two or more people, a large banquet area for up to 30 people, or a private dining room for up to 20 people for business meetings and events.

Ocean Prime is also available for special celebrations like birthdays or anniversaries at an affordable price. If you’re looking for something unique that doesn’t include traditional cake options, Ocean Prime can create custom cakes using their bakery department. They offer many different kinds of cake flavors to choose from as well as cupcake flavors such as chocolate chip cookie dough and vanilla bean buttercream.

The menu at Ocean Prime includes everything from appetizers like crab cakes and shrimp skewers to entrees like filet mignon and lobster tail; they also have salads, sides, and desserts on hand as well as specialty drinks like virgin mojitos and margaritas made with fresh lime juice instead of salt water mixers!


If you’re looking for a place to dine in the Phoenix area, Tarbell’s is a nice spot in the city. This is one of the best fancy restaurants in Phoenix and it has been serving up some of the best cuisines around. The staff at Tarbell’s will take care of you from start to finish, making sure that your experience is memorable and enjoyable.

Tarbell is known for its exceptional food and service. It offers a wide variety of meals, including seafood dishes, steaks, pasta dishes, salads, and more. The restaurant also has a great selection of wine bottles. Whether you want to sit at the bar or dine in their dining room, Tarbell’s has something for everyone.

If you’re looking for a fun night out with friends or family members then Tarbell’s is the place to go! They have several different packages available so make sure that you check out all their options before making your final decision on which package you want to purchase.

Mancuso’s Restaurant

Mancuso’s is a fancy restaurant in Phoenix with an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming, and the food is amazing. Even if you don’t have a party to go to, I would recommend taking your special someone here for a romantic night out.

The food is always fresh and delicious, and the service is impeccable. The wait staff is friendly and professional, and they make sure that everyone has everything they need with no delay or disturbance.

The menu at Mancuso’s Restaurant has something for everyone: Italian food, Mexican food, seafood, steak and more. There are also desserts available to order if you’re looking for something sweet after your meal.

Mancuso’s Restaurant offers several different types of dining options so that there are plenty of choices for anyone who wants to try something new when they come here for lunch or dinner with friends or family members.

The Gladly

The Gladly is known for its delicious food, but it’s also known for having a great atmosphere. The building itself is beautiful and has an old-time feel to it. It’s a great place to go with friends or family, and you can always expect an amazing meal.

The restaurant has an extensive menu with everything from appetizers to entrees and desserts. You can choose from a wide variety of food items like tacos, burgers, steaks, salads, and pizza. The menu changes every week so you never know what new dishes they will be offering when you visit them next time!

The Gladly offers a variety of drinks including beer, wine, and sangria. They also have specialty cocktails like margaritas or mojitos to choose from if you want something different than a beer or wine drinker in your group! If you want something sweet after your meal then head over to their bakery area where there are cookies and pastries galore!

Seasons 52

Seasons 52 is one of the best high-end restaurants that offers an extensive menu with a variety of dishes and drinks. The restaurant has an open kitchen concept, which allows patrons to see their food being prepared. The staff is friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable about the menu items.

The menu includes items such as appetizers, salads, soups, sandwiches, burgers, and steaks. Each dish is made using fresh ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible. The restaurant also features a wide variety of cocktails on its drink menu.

The decor at Seasons 52 is modern and stylish with warm tones throughout the dining room from lighting to artwork on the walls to furniture in each booth area. The restaurant’s bar area features a large open kitchen that allows guests to watch their food being prepared by chefs behind glass windows.

T. Cook’s at Royal Palms Resort & Spa

T. Cook’s at Royal Palms Resort & Spa is a beautiful restaurant with views of the mountains and the city. The food is great, but it’s not all about how good the food tastes; it’s about how much care was put into it and how beautifully it’s presented.

The restaurant has a full bar, as well as a small outdoor patio area. There are also many different types of seating options available, including tables for two, private dining rooms, and even an outdoor fire pit area where you can roast marshmallows over the flames while enjoying your meal.

If you’re looking for more privacy than that though, there are also booths and private dining rooms available as well.

T. Cook’s serves up some of the best steakhouse fares in Phoenix! They have an impressive variety of steaks and seafood dishes on their menu as well as other traditional American fare such as burgers, sandwiches, and salads that will satisfy any appetite!

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